Monday, May 26, 2014

New Bikes

Ed and I got new bikes on Saturday, something we've been meaning to do for several years now. Our old ones are approaching 20 years now. If these last that long they just might be our last bikes! We got two Diamondback Interval Carbon Flatbar bikes. We hope they're good!

The roads are narrow and have no shoulder in Maryland, so we risked our lives to go for an on-road bike ride. We chose Chick-Fil-A as our first destination. It was only four miles from home, and we had a great dinner there! It turns out there are a few more hills than I remembered while driving around in a a car!

We came home and relaxed on the back deck with Coda, who said, "I liked it better when we used to go for walks together!" Maybe we can get a bike seat for her!

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