Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sweet Day in Hershey

Yesterday was Northrop Grumman Day at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, so we took the opportunity to go up with the Hartmanns and check it out! It is a clean, pretty amusement park with a German architectural theme to it. I guess chocolate and Germany have a long history together!

We decided we wanted to ride at least the three wooden roller coasters. Carla, as you can see was a little nervous.

Tom, however, was fearless!

Judy loved the first one, and half of the second one. But, by the third one her stomach gave out on her!

The ferris wheel had a beautiful view of the park, as well as a calming effect on Judy's queasy stomach.

Ed is still smiling in this picture, as he had not yet found out that he had lost his car keys somewhere in the park. They must have gotten all shook up on one of the roller coasters!

We all went on a tour of the chocolate factory, after which Ed and Tom went out the parking lot to get the license plate number of the Audi and Carla and I made chocolate bars.

It was fun watching them roll along the conveyor belt. Mine had butterscotch, toffee and crispy rice!

We ended the day with a taxi ride to the airport where the nice people at Budget fixed us up with a rental car in which to drive home.

The happy ending to the story is, that today Ed and I retrieved both the car and the car key, which was found last night in the park. So, aside from some inconvenience and expense, all is well that ends well. (And I have something to tease Ed about for the next 20 or 30 years!)

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