Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning

There is nothing like more shelves and drawers to get you in the mood to clean! My craft cabinets are finished now, and ready to be put into service.

It didn't take long to fill up the drawers. I still have some room on the top, and intend to let them fill up naturally. Where there's an empty shelf stuff will find a place to land!

While I was at it, I purged the storage room and re-arranged it so the ping pong table could be flat against the right wall when it's not in use. Ed has room in his workbench once again for a project, should he find one!

The two white cabinets that were previously in the great room migrated to the Christmas closet.

They have become the repository of video tapes, game systems, controllers and video games.

It took half a cabinet just to store CDs (stacked three deep on each shelf! I'm so glad I'm now buying digital books and music. It's so much easier to store!


  1. Love the shelves, hate that you are getting more and more settled.

  2. Very happy you shared the pictures of our finished project. Love working with you...Laura