Friday, February 13, 2015

Cold Day at Cold Saturday

It was 19 degrees this morning when Ed and I went over to Cold Saturday Farm to feed the horses. We even waited till 8:30, hoping, to no avail, that it would warm up!

Coda was happy to go regardless of the weather. She loves the farm so much.

Even the pond was frozen over! That doesn't happen too often.

The water in the water buckets was also frozen, despite the fact that the horses had been left in the barn overnight.

I was so glad Ed had the day off. Scooping poop is so much more fun when you do it with a friend!

They had plenty of frozen mud on their coats, but very little in their hooves. Go figure...

Ed tried to encourage Mr. Genes to take a drink before his water froze over again.

It was fun feeding the horses, as we hadn't done it for a while. The farm went on the market this week. I wonder who the new owners will be. If you would like that to be you, check out the listing at:

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