Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Horsing Around in the Snow

Ed got up bright and early today to shovel the driveway this morning. The good news is--it's light out by 6:30, and it was finished snowing.

I bundled up to help him and went over to feed the horses. It is not as much fun going over to the barn when it is 13 degrees as it is in the summer, but with enough layers you don't really notice the cold!

Miss Carol's niece, Sissy had put a blanket on Bambury to keep her warm. She hasn't got as much body fat as Bali and Mr. Genes to insulate her.

I put Coda's boots on her so she could enjoy playing in the snow. She really loves running around in her boots.

To show you how much Coda loves the snow, I'm posting a video of  her frolicking on our way back to the house. It's fun having a dog!

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