Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Enough is Enough!

I"m trying to be patient, but I'm fed up with it! It was -2 degrees this morning when I was getting ready to go out and feed the horses. I stalled (horse joke) a bit, but it didn't help much.

It has been windy, as well, and I took this picture of the snow in our front yard yesterday afternoon. It is frozen solid in ripples!

There was a catastrophic failure in Mr. Genes' heated water (ice) bucket. I chipped it open and gave him another bucket, but it won't last till noon. I'll go back and check on him.

On a happy note, I found I can record my German vocabulary words for my Business German class and listen to them on my cell phone while I'm scooping poop. The more you scoop, the smarter you get! Die Pferde lieben Deutsch!

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