Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ed's Genesis

We went out looking at cars yesterday and came home with a brand new 2015 Genesis. It is so loaded that it comes with four owner's manuals! It will take Ed a while to figure out how to use everything.

We always think we'll get out before dark, but it takes longer to buy a car than one would think. By the time we finished up the deal it was 6:30 p.m.! Just enough time to go for a test drive and out to dinner.

I was happy because it is Pamplona Red, an very pretty color.

It was between the new Mercedes C-class and the Hyundai Genesis. When we found out Mercedes wouldn't be offering a European delivery on the C-class, we decided to get the Genesis. It was hard to pass up the warranty and all the creature comforts. It even has a heads-up-display on the driver's window, as well as this cool Genesis symbol that shines on the ground when you unlock the door.
This was the 19th car we've purchased, and we hadn't been through such a crazy dealership since 1983! Fortunately, we're older and more mature now, and could just laugh at it. We thought that duplicitous car dealing went out of style 20 years ago, but they forgot to inform the sales manager at Len Stohler Hyundai! I have to admit, it made our day even more entertaining!

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  1. There was talk of setting up stand alone dealerships for the Genesis line when they first came out since they are "high end". But Hyundai backed out of requiring that. So Hyundai dealers are selling econo $10,000.00 Accents next to $40,000.00 Genesis cars.
    Obviously, they are use to dealing with lower income people.