Friday, February 13, 2015

Taking the Hyundai to Bavaria

Since we didn't get to pick up a car in Germany this year we decided to take our Korean car to Germany. It was my chance to take a nice ride in Ed's new car and have Ed show me all the nice features it has.

Our first stop was at Costco in Frederick, where we had our favorite Costco hot dogs for lunch.

Our next stop was the Bavarian Inn in Shepherd's town, West Virginia. Frank, my guitar teacher recommended it, and he didn't steer us wrong! It was just like being in Germany, except everyone speaks English.

We had a lovely room with a view of the courtyard.

We were a little disappointed that all the rooms with the Potomac view were sold out, until we realized we had a nice view of our new car from our room, as well!

We had a romantic dinner in their dining room--both of us had schnitzel, our favorite German food!

Gl├╝cklicher Valentinstag to us!