Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Three Hour Tour and a lot of Accordions

We drove to Bayfield, Wisconsin this morning for a boat tour of the Apostle Islands. Our skipper said we were lucky, because he had time for a 3 1/2 hour tour. It was freezing out, and there were no seats inside the boat. We were not very enthusiastic about the additional half hour.

Eventually, a few people moved upstairs and that opened up some seats inside. It was so much warmer out of the wind!

We saw some very pretty sandstone formations on Devil's Island.

The captain entertained himself by nosing the boat in between the rocks. It made us a little nervous and also a little seasick! The ride was smoothest when we were going forward at a fast clip.

The lighthouse on Raspberry Island was one of the many lights protecting the ships from the rocky shores.

It was fun having Barbara, Kent and Verlene join us for the cruise. We got to talk about how much fun the wedding was.

On the ride home we stopped at the World's largest accordion museum, owned by Amanda's teacher, Helmi. She has a very interesting and huge collection of accordions from around the world.

It was also the backup location for Amanda's wedding ceremony. It was a good backup plan with a very quaint atmosphere.

We walked around Canal Park and ate dinner at the Duluth Grill. It had lots of fresh ingredients and a creative menu.

We almost didn't eat there, as the location, next to a gas station in front of the motel 6 was suspect. But, we thought we had heard Amanda talk about the restaurant before, so we gave it a try. We were glad we did! Who knows when we'll be back in Duluth again, so we were glad we finally had a chance to eat here!

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