Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amanda Wedding Rehearsal

We had a rehearsal for Amanda's wedding today.

Amanda's and Nolan's friend Nikolai is playing a trumpet fanfare for their wedding. The setting at the top of the hill overlooking Duluth is spectacular, but it was so foggy out you couldn't see Lake Superior behind him.

The musicians, Dr. Faerber and Tina, didn't complain about the 48 degree temperature or the stiff breeze, but we're sure hoping for better weather tomorrow!

Ed and Amanda looked so nice coming up the pretend aisle together.

The Bishop is a Minnesota native, so he seemed to be okay with the cold, but I was wishing I had a heavy parka!

Enger park was so beautiful in it's springtime flowered state, but if it rains and is too cold, we'll end up at a backup place--the church where the accordion museum is housed. Amanda and Nolan have enjoyed playing with an accordion band there. It's cute and quaint, but we're still hoping for the weather forecast to improve before 5 p.m. tomorrow!

We joined with family and friends for a dinner at Blackwoods afterwards.
This is the old Bush family. Tomorrow Nolan Hauta will also be a member!

Representing Whistling Prairie, Brittany, John and Crystal sang a great song for the bride and groom, called All I want is You.  It was a nice way to wind up a great (but very cold) day!

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