Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goodbye Newlyweds, Hello Grand Marais

After church this morning we stopped by to see Amanda and Nolan. They showed us a beautiful quilt Aunt Tina had made them for their wedding.

Now that Amanda has married into the Finish community, she's learned a little about the culture. She played Finlandia for us on a Finnish harp called a kantele.

We drove up the North Shore to the small town of Grand Marais. We look forward to exploring it tomorrow. We are enjoying our 3 bedroom apartment on the shores of Lake Superior.

It will be fun waking up in the morning to this beautiful view of the lake.

Since Grand Marais is a hippie town, all the restaurants seem to have great vegan options for John. John and Ed were especially pleased with their plates at the Angry Trout.

We finished up the day playing 80's Trivial Pursuit. It turns out, we know nothing about the 80's, but we had lots of fun giving hints to help the other team. In Trivial Pursuit, when the game is finally over, everyone is a winner!

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