Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amanda and Nolan Wedding Day

Amanda and Nolan got married today in grand style. They met in the afternoon several hours before the wedding to take pictures.

The day was predicted to be rainy and in the 60's. The ceremony was scheduled for 5 p.m. and so was the rain.

We were were thrilled that the weather cooperated enough to allow us the outdoor wedding they were hoping for!

Despite some occasional drizzles, we were able to take all the pictures we wanted!

My niece and renowned photographer, Nikki Van flew out from Utah to take the pictures! We were so lucky to have her!

The pavilion at Enger Park provided a little protection from the elements, as well as a spectacular view of Lake Superior. Yesterday it was shrouded in fog! We were so lucky today! Ed and John sure looked dapper!

Nolan's two brothers served as his groomsmen. We enjoyed getting to know the very gracious Hauta family tonight!

Nolan has two brothers, and Amanda two sisters, who were her bridesmaids. Nolan and Amanda are both middle children.

I was lucky to have three sisters come out for the wedding, Barbara, Annette and Verlene! It is a long trip to Duluth, and I appreciated their coming. We missed Grandma, Joan, Jon and David!

At 4 p.m. the chairs and decorator magically showed up. And the threat of rain magically disappeared from the weather forecast! It was a great blessing for us!

The Brady relatives gave us moral support from the second row!

Pat Hauta, Amanda's mother-in-law had mded beautiful terrariums that lined the aisle

It was a very emotional ceremony, especially for Amanda and Nolan, but also for the mother of the bride. Bishop Stevenson did a beautiful job officiating, and the music, poetry and vows were all perfect. It felt like a wedding in an outdoor cathedral!

The reception was held in the Moorish Room of the Graysolon in Duluth. It was a spectacularly beautiful venue.

The meal was champagne chicken, Swedish meatballs, potatoes, pasta and salad. It was all delicious. I broke my diet!

The candy bar kept us all entertained while we waited for the bride and groom to come over.

We enjoyed having cousin Melissa and her husband, Steve at our table. It was just last year we enjoyed their wedding in Tuscon!

The cake was delicious, and we have quite a few left over cup cakes to enjoy the rest of the week!

A five piece jazz band entertained us and played for dancing after dinner.

Amanda and Nolan showed off their dancing skills with a dance they learned while taking lessons together. It was beautiful.

Afterwards, their dance teacher gave some really fun lessons on swing, rumba and cha cha cha. We also loved Helme playing the accordion while we polka'd and did the chicken dance!

As we finally drug our weary bones back to the car after a wonderful day, we enjoyed seeing the mischief caused by Brittany, John and Crystal. We hope Amanda and Nolan enjoy it too!

Happy Wedding day to Nolan and Amanda Hauta!


  1. Wow!! Really looking grand celebrations ideas in pictures of wedding celebration. The dressing style of bride is so unique too. You really shared amazing pictures here, and the location is just so wonderful. Can I get such location nearby banquet halls in Miami. Please guide me!

  2. Sandra Scott Smith
    It appears it was a beautiful occasion for all! Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful. The bride and groom look very happy. Congratulations one and all. Amanda looks stunning.

  4. Amanda looks so beautiful and so happy. Thanks for sharing this day with us
    Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa
    Carla & Tom