Friday, May 1, 2015

Back to Duluth to see Amanda Sing

Ed and I met up in Chicago this morning to fly to Duluth together. We got a cool picture of the window wipers behind us.

Budget was nice enough to give us another SUV--a Ford Edge with only 6 miles on it. We're getting pretty spoiled!

Amanda took us to the Northern Waters Smokehouse for lunch, where I had a great smoked salmon salad. Now that Amanda has spent 2 years here she knows all the great places to eat.

She took us to the apartment building where she and Nolan will be living after they get married. It was so old and so cute! They even have a great view of Lake Superior from their front room!

Several people have sent them wedding gifts, and she enjoyed showing them to us. It is so nice to have that one time in your life where you have a lot of nice, new things.

Ed and  I enjoyed dinner with Nolan while Amanda got ready for the opera. She played Anna Maurrant in the opera, Street Scene. We were so proud of her. Check out her very good review in the Duluth Tribune.

Sadly, she had to die, done in by her own husband! Ed and I teared up a little over that. We also teared up a little hearing our little daughter sing so beautifully, with such skill and confidence. It was so good we might just pop in for an encore performance tomorrow night!

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  1. so fun! way to go, amanda! I love the apartment - super cute!!