Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bloomin' at Last

Summer is finally here, and everything is in bloom.The landscapers came this week and cleaned up the gardens and mulched. It looks so nice.

The clematis is in bloom, and it is gigantic and colorful.

We have four different vines. The pink, purple and maroon are open. I can't wait to see what the fourth color is!

The pretty pink weigela is so beautiful along the steps in the back.

Even our cute little buckeye tree has some orange flowers on it. The lilacs had their best year ever. We had to wait a long while for it, but it has been worth it!

On a less happy note, the cold winter froze one of our outside faucets, which started leaking in the house yesterday. Fortunately, Ed caught it before any real damage was done. It will be a fun (?) project for him to work on when we get home from Minnesota next week!

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