Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy Retirement Day, Ed!

Ed officially retired yesterday! He came home from work to find his faithful dog (and wife) waiting for him.

We decided to celebrate by doing some things he'd never done before.

Ed took his first trip on the Baltimore subway! We picked up the subway in Owings Mills and got off about a block from the Inner Harbor. It was an easy ride, and saved traffic frustrations and parking money!

We got our 10,000 steps by walking around Harbor East, Pier 6 and the Inner Harbor. We don't often have time to just meander around the streets of Baltimore, so we really enjoyed our walk.

By the time we were ready to eat, we had worked up a healthy appetite.

We chose Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steak house for dinner. The pre-meat buffet was great, and we had a hard time saving room for the main course.

They had more cuts of beef than I knew existed! It just kept coming!

I wish I could make a Parmesan pork loin as tender as theirs! It was delicious!

We've decided the best course of action next time we come is to split every serving of meat so we can taste it all. We ended up surrendering before we even got to the Cornish hens!

Our last new experience of the day was stopping at the Fractured Prune in Owings Mills for doughnuts. They make each doughnut fresh and dip it in glazes and sprinkles to create any of a number of combinations. We got Black Forest, Margarita, Key Lime, and 9 more! (They were cheaper by the dozen.)

We were so full from dinner that we only managed to split one doughnut before bedtime. We wish we still had the whole family here with us so we could get some help finishing the box!

I hope Ed had a happy retirement day! I know I did!

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