Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Dig

The official snow totals for Eldersburg were 31 inches, breaking the previous records for total snowfall in one storm. The average yearly snowfall is only 19 inches here.

We started digging out again this morning. Ed gets about three times as many FitBit steps as I get when he runs the snow blower. I am a lot jealous.

You'd think I'd get some extra steps just for heavy lifting. It is hard when you have to walk 8 feet just to dump the shovel!

Coda was just interesting in finding a good place to pee, which was proving difficult!

She even went off-road briefly, but regretted that immediately. It was too much snow for her to negotiate!

Ed followed Coda's footsteps and also regretted it immediately. He looks like he was having fun in the picture, but in reality, he was on the verge of being somewhat annoyed!

Fortunately, the sun is out and he dried up quickly!

If it wasn't for all the work we'd really be enjoying the snow. Our street still hasn't been plowed, so we're not going anywhere soon!

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