Saturday, January 23, 2016

Plowing Through the Snow

We started digging out from underneath our snow this morning. Ed did the heavy work with the snowblower.

Coda did not want to come outside. I put a rug out for her to sit on so she could watch us work.

I helped clean up behind Ed with the shovel. I really couldn't keep ahead of the snow. As fast as we cleaned it up, it just kept coming down.

After a couple of hours, Ed finally punched through to the mailbox!

Now, if the city ever plows our road, we could actually go somewhere!

It made a beautiful snowy scene of our house!

Coda was reluctant to go outside, preferring to watch from the mud room.

Ed and I would prefer to watch from the house, as well. It's fun watching our snow pile up on the deck. It looks like about 16 inches now. We're wondering if it will go over the arms of the chairs and if the deck can hold the weight. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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