Monday, January 18, 2016

Walk, Woods, Crepes and a Movie

Saturday was cool but sunny. It made some beautiful shadows as we walked through the woods.

The water at the swimming hole was still and clear. I even had to take off my jacket, it was so warm by then.

After working around the house all day we treated ourselves to crepes at Sofie's Crepes in Baltimore. It is a bit of a hole in the wall, but the crepes were good.

It was right next door to the Charles theater where we saw the movie, Brooklyn. The movie was very enjoyable, and better than the book. The book portrayed the main character as having little personality and letting life just happen to her. In the movie she had a little spark, and was a much more sympathetic character. It was a foreign film (Irish), but fortunately we were able to understand the language!

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  1. Wonderful to see you folks again.

    Darl and LuRayne