Saturday, January 2, 2016

Recording and Escaping

Mabel and John went for a walk with us yesterday. Brittany was trying to get a little extra morning sleep. Unfortunately, she and John have been sick, which is infringing on our recording abilities!

We did start recording yesterday. It went pretty well, except for the occasional cry from Mabel and Brittany's total lack of voice!
The recording went move smoothly after Ed switched chairs. Note to self: never sit on a plastic chair when you're working on a laptop. The static electricity kept closing the program!

We got a sitter in the evening and went to Escape this Live--Queen Anne's Revenge. It was fun being locked up in a room with strangers and try to find clues to get out of it. We escaped with 20 minutes to spare! If that is a monthly record we win a free trip back again. Next time we could try the Wild West theme!

We topped off the day at Yama, an Asian fusion restaurant. It had something for everyone, and was a great choice. Our new years goal is going to be stop eating at 8:30 at night!

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