Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ashton Gardens and More

We had two fun things to do today. One was babysit Mabel for Brittany and John and the other was visit Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We posed in front of the tulips, because we know they are famous for their tulip festival in the spring.

We found an incredible array of other flowers despite it being quite late in the season!

Mabel slept through the entire visit, as it was her naptime!

They even had wonderful waterfalls and cliffs there. I loved this pool!

It was so fun feeding the koi that I was tempted to wake up Mabel to do it with us!

We got home in time for dinner on the patio. Another beautiful day!

After dinner I read a bedtime story to Mabel, who mostly wanted to play with the books with her feet. She was really cute!

Tina, Tom and Ed went down to Sub Zero to get ice cream for us. It is always fun to see how they freeze the ice cream right in front of you!

By the time Brittany and John got home from the wedding of their good friends, Mabel was fast asleep at grandma's house. We felt like good grandparents!

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