Friday, September 16, 2016

Steamboat with the Bookies

What a beautiful weekend to go to Steamboat Springs for our annual literary Sojourn!

Suzanne flew in from Baltimore, and Sheryl met us at Nora's house to drive up the mountain together.

We stopped for a really late breakfast at Hilldaddy's Wildfire restaurant in Idaho Springs.

We must have all been on the same page, because we all ordered the Omelette Loraine, with Hollandaise sauce! We just might have to stop back again next year! Mmmm!

We were happy we got the same condo as last year. We love the view from the balcony!

We went to visit the Botanical Garden in Steamboat. It was so beautiful, with the turning leaves and fall flowers.

The sun coming through the leaves was breathtaking!

We walked along the Yampa river and had to work hard to keep Sheryl out of it! Fortunately she left her waders at home, so she couldn't do any fly fishing this trip!

Martha had to come up late, as she was working, but she joined us in time for dinner at the Smokehouse BBQ.

After that we went back to our condo and looked at wedding pictures. When you only see each other once a year you have a lot of catching up to do!

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