Monday, September 19, 2016

Horsetail Falls Trail

Suzanne stayed last night with us, so we took the opportunity this morning to show her one of the prettiest hiking trails in Utah, and the trail head is only a mile from our house!

Horsetail Falls trail, is aptly named for the beautiful waterfall that fans out like a horse's tail!

Finding the falls was a little tricky, as the trail is not well marked! We crossed a stream several times, and went though some boulder patches, but mostly it was a steep grade uphill!

Fortunately, we ran into several hikers who knew the way and we were able to find the lower falls, as wells as the upper falls with its beautiful pools of water!

The view of the valley below from the top was spectacular. You can't see our house because it is right behind that ridge on the left!

Coda was happy to go along, and never seems to feel the burn as much as we do! It must be great to have four paw drive!

Coda was also happy to have her best friend, Suzanne come see her. We found out that Coda loves trail mix. She likes the cashews best, then the dried cranberries, followed by the almonds! Who, but Suzanne, would think to feed a dog nuts!

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