Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bye Bye Bookies, Hello Utah

The Bookies celebrated 20 years of the Highland Bookies today. We started our book club on October 2, 1996. We're so grateful for Sojourn which gives us the opportunity to gather once a year to enjoy one another's company!

Suzanne, Martha and I took one more walk before we left town. This time we explored the trails at the top of the Steamboat ski area. The views from the top were fantastic!

Martha made us all light and fluffy omelettes for breakfast with spinach and cheese. They were perfect to fortify us for our long drive home. I hope the omelettes become a new tradition at the end of each Sojourn weekend!

Suzanne and I drove from Steamboat Springs to Alpine mostly via US 40 (no freeways). When we got to Vernal we had to stop and see the new (to me) museum where my Uncle Elbert's dinosaurs are now housed.

It made me happy to see them displayed in such a beautiful setting!

It was great to see my dinosaur "cousins," Rex and Triceratops again. We had some good times together in West Yellowstone, Montana over 40 years ago!

We made it home to Alpine by 5 p.m. Ed had followed our progress on our Family Locator app, and was waiting on the front porch for us when we drove up! It's good to be home again!

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