Monday, September 5, 2016

Sheep Dog Trials

The Nuttalls (Brittany's in-laws) invited us to the Soldier's Hollow Sheepdog Trials today. It is an unbelievable experience watching border collies put sheep through sets of gates and separate them to corral a small number in the end. They are very clever dogs!

We also enjoyed watching the splash dogs. They jumped as far as 23 feet into a tank!

We thought Coda would be a great agility dog, but weren't sure we'd be good agility masters!

It was sunny and much hotter than we expected. We were glad we brought our hats!

Mabel was also glad she brought her hat, because she looked so good in it.

We especially enjoyed watching the dogs patience as they worked with the sheep. They would try to stare down uncooperative ewes. One exciting moment was when a ewe bolted and jumped into the crowd. A few spectators experienced an unwelcome surprise!

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