Thursday, September 15, 2016

Shopping Day with Crystal

We celebrated Crystal's birthday belatedly by going shopping together today. We started out with a walk to Walmart along the Highline canal trail. The weather is so perfect, and it reminded me of why we loved living in Denver so much.

We cooked both breakfast and dinner at Crystal's house, which was fun for me. Crystal makes a wicked breakfast burrito!

After breakfast we wore ourselves out at World Market, Costco and Park Meadows Mall. I impressed two clerks with my clever use of Samsung Pay at the register. They both told me it wouldn't work at their store, but it did!

We invited Aunt Verlene for dinner. She couldn't go shopping with us, as she had to work. Working always gets in the way. Happily for her, she only has 122 more days before retirement! (But who is counting?)

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