Saturday, October 8, 2016

Another Mabel Day

We were happy to find Mabel alive and well this morning. After she slept for 12 hours straight we were starting to wonder! Ed is checking his email here between diaper changes. Mabel had two poopy diapers, and Judy conveniently had a stomach ache at both crucial moments! Grandpa was a real trooper!

We enjoyed playing with her again today! She is so cheerful!

She got a little more adventurous today and checked out the spaces between the balusters to make sure they were up to code!

In the morning we took her for a no-hay ride behind the tractor. Coda even joined in. They both liked it but were a little cautious!

We even took a video because Ed and I were having so much fun!

Afterwards she went for a horse ride till grandpa tired out!

After nap time we went to the Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi. It had some fun geometric shapes to climb in at the beginning.

Mabel didn't find the dinosaurs as scary as the ghosts at the corn maze. She doesn't know yet how mean they could be!

She enjoyed playing in the 'dig' area, which was  giant sandbox with fake fossils embedded in it. She even stood up briefly before she forgot she can't walk!

Then, home for dinner and a bath before bed. I think we successfully wore her out again today!

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