Friday, October 28, 2016

Wrist Surgery

This is a pre-op photo of my hands. Guess which one got the treatment yesterday!

I have to admit I was s little emotional going into the ordeal. As the anesthesiologist explained about the nerve block, he mentioned that it is not guaranteed and that sometimes they get the wrong nerve, I started to cry a little. Then when he poked around under my armpit I started to laugh and cry hysterically. I felt like a crazy person.

The good news is: the operation was successful and the doctor was very happy. I now have a really nice plate in my wrist!'

The bad news was: it really hurt afterwards!!!!! The nerve block only served to numb my arm so that it kept bonking me on the head when I tried to move it!

By noon Ed had me safely ensconced on my own couch and the pain became more bearable. My healing angel (on the ice pack) was very comforting, and Ed lined up all my pills and made sure I took them at the right time. At least I feel like I'm finally on the road to healing!

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