Friday, October 7, 2016

Mabel's big day with Grandma and Grandpa

We had Mabel all to ourselves today. We were a little nervous about caring for an infant for the weekend. We didn't know if we still knew how! It turned out great! She was so fun and so cute!

We picked her up at 8 a.m. this morning, as her mom and dad were going to a wedding in Colorado today.

Then we came to our house and played with her. Coda felt displaced, but put up with it, as Mabel is a good source of people food (falling from the high chair).

We played with flying saucers. One of them is done in Denver Broncos orange and blue--something I saved for 30 years!

She loved the organ! It makes a lot of noise with very little effort!

She also loved Coda's peanut butter bone. Coda was gentle but worried that she might not get it back!

She liked sitting inside the ottoman as much as playing with toys inside it!

She made a royal mess at mealtimes, but had a healthy appetite! She can shove food in with both hands till her mouth is stuffed before she starts to chew!

She made a break for it when we went into the front yard! The driveway was too long for her, and we caught her easily!

After her nap we took her to the Utah home show, which we knew she would enjoy! We got a few new ideas and some names of contractors for our remodel!

She also enjoyed stopping at Harmon's for a few groceries on the way home!

She was fed and in bed shortly after 8. It was a little past her bedtime, but maybe we can do better tomorrow.

Brittany and John called to see how she was doing. They couldn't believe she hadn't cried once all day! We were also amazed. I guess we haven't lost the touch!

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