Sunday, October 2, 2016

Corn Maze and Zombie Killing

We joined Brittany, John and Mabel to go to a McCoard's giant corn maze in Provo last night.

Brittany and John had fond memories or working there in 2014 as zombies. Mabel wasn't so excited about it. The entry was guarded by a screaming phantom that scared the wits out of her!

She was much happier just sitting in a pile of corn!

We also rode on the back of a flatbed and shot paintballs at zombies. Brittany and John were able to give us a little insight into the life of a corn maze zombie, as well as comment on the techniques of dying as a zombie.

I tried to get a picture of a zombie, but they must have jinxed my camera! They do NOT like having their picture taken. But, as you can see, they were very scary! We killed them all and saved civilization!

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