Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dinner and a Farm

We joined Brittany, John and Mabel for a fun day with the Stevens cousins, Eli, Lacy and baby Calvin.

We started with a great Vietnamese, vegan meal at All Chay in Salt Lake City. 

We used Calvin and Mabel as an excuse to visit the kid-friendly Wheeler Farm.

Mabel saw a sheep,

a pig,  

and a horse!

It was a beautiful day for a hay ride!

Ed and Brittany lassoed steers!

We enjoyed walking through the hay  maze,

Calvin and Mabel picked out pumpkins that were just their size!

Ed was happy that I had a broken arm so he got to hold Mabel more!

Mabel fell in the gravel and bumped her forehead. She and grandma have matching owies!

My arm felt much better today, and I was grateful to be enjoying life again,despite being somewhat jealous of all the two-handed people I saw!

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