Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gardening and Goats

I made a few goat friends yesterday at the gardening class sponsored by the Relief Society.

We met at Cori's house, where she showed us how to make a compost pile. Her's was very nice.

She had a beautiful vegetable garden with a 7 foot fence to keep the deer out. She gave way snippets of herbs and pieces of kale still growing in the garden.

She even shared some of the herbs with the cow and goats next door.

She had an equally impressive flower garden full of perennials, many of them still in bloom. I'm hoping to get some ideas for my flowers next summer.

It was fun to see how they incorporated the original homesteader's log cabin into their modern house, and how they used a portion of it for their garden shed. It was so warm and inviting!


  1. Thanks for the good press! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.