Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Capitol Morning

Ed and I had an adventure in Salt Lake this morning before going to see the doctor at LDS hospital.

We started with breakfast at the Straw Market, which had some great reviews on Yelp. It was only a few blocks from the hospital, as well.

We loved the crazy chandeliers there.

It wasn't very big, so we were glad to be there on a week day and have plenty of seating.

The omelettes were delicious. I had the Denver, and Ed had the meat lover's omelette.

For $6 you get hash browns and a cinnamon roll with it! You can't beat that! It was even warm--fresh from the oven!

We parked our car at the hospital and walked all the way to the capitol building and back. It was SO FUN to go for a walk again. I haven't walked since I broke my wrist in October!

We peeked in the Capitol building, but they were having the governor's inauguration, so we didn't stay. We hurried back to the hospital to face the music. Stay tune to the next blog post. The music was sweeter than we expected. Almost as sweet as that cinnamon roll!

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