Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mabel, Snow, No Snow

Brittany came up yesterday for a daddy-daughter-date to see the new Star Wars Movie, Rogue One.

I volunteered to stay home with Mabel, who I like a lot more than Star Wars. She was so cute, but ended up napping the whole time Ed and Brittany were at the movie!

Ed ended up getting as much Mabel time as I did!

It has snowed off and on this week, making a lovely winter scene in our back yard, but making driving a little tricky.

We decided to avoid the storm and come up to Salt Lake City last night so I wouldn't have a problem getting to my doctor appointment at noon today. We stayed in the comfort of the Comfort Inn, at a special hospital rate. They even had a happy hour, which was a nice free dinner for us!

In the meantime, the weather has heated up, and the predicted snow has turned to rain! Hopefully, we can get back to Alpine before the weather drops!

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