Saturday, January 7, 2017

Acoustic Music Evening

Janet and Everrt invited us to an evening with the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association last night. We started with a quick dinner at Cafe Rio first. We tried eating at Sweet Tomatoes in Sandy first, but guess what! They went out of business! We were bummed, but Cafe Rio was a great backup!

The music evening was four singer-songwriters from the local area. We enjoyed the banjo girl, Mindy Dillard most, as she was funny, spunky, and had some very clever songs. She played played mostly guitar, but pulled out her clawhammer banjo for the last song, which included all the singers, as well as the audience. She even included a crowd pleaser,  Good-night, Irene as a closer. All the old people (including us) enjoyed singing along with that!

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