Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sleepover With Mabel and Parents

Brittany and John spent two nights with us this week, during the rehabilitation of their kitchen. I forgot to take their pictures, but I got a few of Mabel. It's so fun watching her play with toys. She likes this bucket as much as the animals inside it!

She found lots of joy playing with the dog's stuffed animals, as well as throwing the dog's ball. She would have liked it even better if Coda would have fetched for her!

These magnetic blocks provided lots of entertainment for her, as well as for me!

It was fun watching her interact with Brittany's old Cabbage Patch doll (which I've been saving for 30 years)! She rather liked the "baby." It's a good thing, because in 10 days (or thereabouts) they'll have a real live baby joining their family! I hope she likes the real one as much as the fake one!

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