Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year at 10 p.m. MST last night! It was early, but we watched the ball drop in NY on CNN and thought that was good enough!

We had 4 of our neighbors over to celebrate with us. In an unbelievable twist if irony, the Knadlers and the Williams all grew up in Maryland! It was like we moved from Maryland, but couldn't really leave it behind!

We made them play pool with us, as it was New Year's Eve, after all! If you're ever teaming up with anyone on pool, make sure Evertt is on your team! He had some serious skills!

It was fun for us having new friends that felt like old friends to be with us as we welcomed 2017!


  1. I was just talking with Carla Hartman about you wonderful New Year's Eve parties today. Glad to see that you carried on the tradition even if it was a little lower key.

  2. I was thinking this weekend about your amazing New Year parties you hosted as well. Chandra and Cody even mentioned them while we were in Texas. We had to fill our time playing Settlers each night. I still have not won that game. Jim was the dominate winner this family session! Happy New YEAR to you and Ed!!!