Saturday, January 14, 2017

Painted Study

We finished painting my study today. It took a good portion of 3 and a half days this week, but it turned out so beautiful! The chair rail and the boxes beneath it made it extra work, but we love the green walls with the crisp white wainscoting look.

Now we're waiting for my new desk to be delivered in 2 weeks.

We thought it would take us longer to renovate the room. It turns out living in chaos is very motivating! I can't wait to get my computer back again!

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  1. Hi Judy and Ed. Sandy and I are keeping up with your recovery via this great blog and are also keeping you in our prayers. I wanted to send an email but realized that I only have Ed's NG info and none of your new phone numbers. Could you please send that info to Perhaps we can stop by your new home on one of our trips through Utah. God bless! Al