Friday, February 24, 2017

Family Afternoon

We had some more baby holding time yesterday, as Brittany, Crystal and the girls spent the afternoon at our house. Coda is annoyed that she now has TWO babies to distract our attention from her!

Between Mabel and Coda both being cautiously aware of the presence of Clementine (and trying to protect their space), it was a fun afternoon!

Brittany and Crystal played through a few songs in our new book of arrangements by the Piano Guys. With a little (or a lot) of practice, they could join the act!

Afterwards they sorted through the old family video tapes. Brittany is starting a project to record them all to digital files! There are a lot of tapes and I'm glad she's willing to do it!

Crystal designed a new magnetic hat for Mabel. It was destroyed before I got a picture!

They also had fun on the mini trampoline. Only one more day before Crystal leaves! We need to wear her out while she's here!

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