Sunday, February 12, 2017

Teaching Relief Society

I got to teach Relief Society today, as the regular teacher was out of town. It was fun to have time to think about and present the 2nd chapter of the Gordon B.Hinckley manual--An Ensign to the Nation, a Light Unto the World. It was about being shining examples to the world around us.

I learned that Ensign Peak is not at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, but a hill above the Utah State Capital in Salt Lake. From there, church leaders waved a yellow bandana (improvised ensign) and talked about plans of laying out the streets and selecting the temple lot a mile below them.

I also learned that over three quarters of the ladies in Relief Society had lived outside Utah in their lives. Our ward is a real melting pot with people from all over with many rich experiences to share!

I also learned that if you ask the class to take your picture for your blog you will find some willing helpers! Thanks to Suzanne and Kim for helping me have something to blog about today!

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