Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day at Hoagle Zoo

We decided to take advantage of President's day, and the lack of rain and go to the zoo yesterday! We've been grilling Mabel so hard on all the animals that we were excited to see if she recognized them in real life! Crystal is feeding Mabel to the lion, here!

She (Mabel, not Crystal) learned how to say seal. This was a close encounter with a sea lion.

John spent a good portion of the visit carrying two kids--Clementine slept in a pack on his chest.

We made a real family pride--with three grandparents and an aunt there with Brittany and John and family!

Afterwards we stopped at Blue Nile to eat Ethiopian food with injera bread. You have to scoop it up with your fingers.

Clementine was very interested in what was going on at lunch! It didn't keep Marti from sampling the African cuisine!

In the evening we came home and enjoyed a homemade apple pie--Crystal's specialty! Yum!

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