Friday, February 3, 2017

In the Swim

Ed got to take Mabel to swimming class yesterday. They both had a great time!

She looked so cute in her little blue wet suit! Brittany had fun taking pictures of them!

I was sick, so I stayed at Brittany's house to let the workmen in. It has been a real trial for her being 9 months pregnant and not having a working kitchen. They got some very pretty wood-looking tile on the floor! This is all restoration from water damage in November!

I enjoyed watching Planet Earth with Skimbleshanks curled up on my lap. Planet Earth is transfixing and made me forget about my cold for a while!

Ed got all the good Mabel time, as I didn't want to share my cold with her. She was so good while he read to her after swimming lessons!

I've been so sick all week that I decided to try out the Dial-A-Doctor on my cell phone. I met a very nice NP who prescribed an antibiotic for my earache, as well as something for my cough at night. She told me to take Mucinex during the day.  I think she was happy not to be in the same room with me!

I woke up feeling "less horrible" today, so that must be a good sign! I hope to be well by next Tuesday (Brittany's due date) so I can cuddle that new baby!

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