Saturday, February 25, 2017

Visit to Salem

Crystal and I went down to Salem to visit my mom yesterday. We had fun and did a little genealogy together. Rumor has it we are direct descendants of King James V of Scotland. As, they say in Scotland, "Jings!" (Goodness!)

Then we popped on over to Siro's Place (, a new Argentinian Restaurant in Salem. Mom said she'd come back, but didn't know if she could talk her friends into eating outside the box!

Then we popped on over to Brittany's house for a few hours. We would have been there sooner, but spent an hour parked on I-15 in Spanish Fork for some unknown reason. The freeway delay would have been more painful if I hadn't had a Heads Up app on my phone to entertain us!

Mabel liked sporting this bow off one of Clementine's baby presents!

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