Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Nacho Sunday

We used the Super Bowl for an excuse to make and serve nachos in the basement kitchen yesterday. It was fun trying out the kitchen, which Ed and I will be using for the next month, as we're starting to remodel the upstairs kitchen tomorrow!

There was plenty of room for all the Nuttalls, as well as Eric and Emily in our new theater room. Everyone was happy when the Falcons were winning, but I had to root for cousin Tom Brady, and was happy with the surprise outcome!

Brittany ate some spicy food and walked up and down the stairs to help bring on her labor, but the baby, stayed put! She's going to need a new tactic!

Mabel played with her baby doll to get ready for the new baby in the house. She almost looks like she knows something is coming down this week! We're going to have to give her a little extra loving when little Pat (they don't know the sex) comes along!

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