Friday, February 17, 2017

Return to the Scene of the Fall

Ed and Coda walked with me this morning to check out the place where I broke my wrist. It was the first time I have walked in 121 days! Between the wrist operation, the cancer and three bad colds, it is the first time I have felt like walking!

Our house is in the white area in the middle of Alpine's Lambert Park. I fell on a very easy trail called Poppy. The east side of the development is public BLM land.

I didn't realize I had saved my walk on that fateful day (October 19th). I forgot to stop the app (Map My Walk) till we were on the way to the hospital, but I was happy it showed where I fell. I actually fell about 15 feet before I turned around. I got up thinking I'd finish the walk, but turned around when I realized I had a serious injury. You can see where I went off the path to get up to the road under construction. Some nice construction workers drove me home!

We circled around and came home on the BLM land.

Apparently, no one takes this sign literally, as there is a significant amount of target shooting just beyond the sign. It appears outdoors people don't consider wasted shotgun shells as litter!

From the top of the path you have a good view of the subdivision that is coming in. The road is paved and we imagine we'll start having some new neighbors soon!

Fortunately, we'll still have plenty of hiking left, and will still be able to enjoy the views of the lake and mountains as we walk. Ed pointed out I would be much better off if I looked down at the path instead. I can't afford to break another wrist!

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