Thursday, July 16, 2009

BBQ at Verlene and Paul's house

On Sunday, Verlene and Paul invited us over for a barbeque. It was so great for them to have a house big enough to have the whole family, or what is left of us (Barbara, Kent and Isaac also came). Brandy was excited to see us. Although she spent a lot of time with Crystal, she also gave Barbara a fair amount of knee- licking time. I wondered if Barbara kneeled in some sugar before she came over. Paul does all the cooking, and the ribs and sausage were great. They are so fortunate to have such a nice house. They newly remodled kitchen was fantastic. Who would have believed that two people could do so much work in just a couple of months! The boxes were all stowed and emptied, and each room was furnished. They even have a guest bedroom, just in case someone wants to stay with them. Barbara and Kent passed on to us their giant, laminated map of El Salvador (behind Crystal and Verlene in the picture). It comes complete with dots showing what cities Eli served in on his mission. We're excited to start adding some new dots when Crystal gets to the mission field.

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