Thursday, July 9, 2009

Music In the Park

What a great evening for a bike ride to the library! We enjyed a free concert hosted by the City of Broomfield at the outdoor amphitheatre next to the library. Since we got Ed's bike fixed we've really enjoyed riding whenever we can. Crystal enjoys going with us after she stops complaining about how long the ride is going to be. Pete (Dr. Banjo) and Joan Wernick (and the unnamed, unsung bass player) gave a lovely concert of original as well as old favorite tunes. Pete has written some very catchy tunes, some of which are on the Bluegrass charts being sung by other performers. I wonder how I could get someone to sing my Carppool lane song? He was a great banjo player, and I enjoyed his picking very much. We got to sing along on the Battle of Jed Clampet. It's good that we watched all that TV in the 60's so we knew all the words!

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