Monday, July 27, 2009

Singing in the Car

July 26, Sunday

We’re in Rothenburg this morning, and I was happy to be able to post my first few blogs last night. They have internet access in the Breakfast room. We sat outside the room last night to connect. By the time I had posted the first few days, it was late and we went to bed.

Rothenburg is the cutest city, and we have the greatest location for our hotel, right on the Plönlein, which is the street that Vees out in two directions with a fountain and a house in the middle. We walked a little bit of the wall last night. It was beautiful, about 7 p.m., and the sunlight was still strong and creating sharp shadows.

We started the day with a quick trip to Limburg, not the cheese town, which is in Belgium, I think, but the one close to Bad Schwalbach. It has a beautiful medieval cathedral that is white and orange on the outside. It stands on a bluff along the river Lahn, and the view from the bridge is spectacular. We were lucky to be able go into the cathedral at the end of mass (Catholic). The organist did a postlude that lasted 10 or 15 minutes. He was incredible. It was big and beautiful. It was so great at the end that those who stayed for the entire thing clapped! It was dissonant and very Phantom of the opera-ish. We were amazed that a small town with a small cathedral could have an organist of his caliber.

Limburg also had very windy streets with lots of cobblestones and half-timbered houses. Brittany remarked that it was strange that we find such beauty in non-symetry. Usually we like faces to be symmetric to be beautiful. I guess it doesn’t apply to houses. We had some ice cream for lunch, then went off to church in Wiesbaden. Church was fun. We didn’t get to sing, as the Primary and the ward choir both sang. Sue Patchell was sad about that. She invited us to her house for dinner next week. We’ll be able to drive over from our Castle. It’s probably only 45 minutes away. She lives in Idstein. I sat by my Peruvian friend, Susanna. She was happy to see me. I gave her another Whistling Prairie CD from this year, and some pictures from last year, when I sat with her at the opera. She’s learning German, and loving it. She says it has helped her English, as it makes English seem easy. I can totally understand that!

One of the highlights of the trip from Wiesbaden to Rothenburg was the girls singing in the back of the car. This was a new art form! They tried to sing Primary Songs with dissonant harmonies. They did one in minor thirds. It actually sounded pretty cool—sort of like the organ in Limburg. By favorite was the Song of the Pasture, which they made up. It included some new aging humming with sounds of animals in the background. We thought we were hearing the song over again when we got to the Garden Gate here. Down in the valley we heard hundreds of sheep bawling. And I mean BAWLING. Are sheep supposed to be that loud? We’ve never heard anything like it. Did someone make them mad? The were milling on the grassy hillsides and in the trees. It was a sound we had never heard before!

We finished off the day by having dinner in a beer garden. The food was great, but I had sticker shock over the drinks. The waiter told us tap water was only for “hunden,” dogs, so we shelled out 4 Euros apieece for sodas. We might bring our own water next time we eat out.

After dinner we ate some Schneeballs, snowballs, which are fried dough in the shape of a ball. They’re beautiful, but a little dry. We could have used a glass of milk with them!

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