Monday, July 27, 2009

Look who was with us in Rothenburg!

July 27, 2009

Rothenburg is just as charming as we remembered it. I was hoping this picture would come out clearer, but look who is bestween Brittany and Amanda! It's flat Oma and flat Opa (Grandma and Grandpa). We wanted you to be with us, so we took a picture with us, right across the street from our hotel!
We finished walking the entire wall this morning. It was nice out, and pleasant, as we were walking underneath the covered roof of the wall. We started out by visiting the Rathaus and climbing to the top of the tower there, for a great view. We enjoyed the blue skies, against the red tile roofs. We also saw the actual blood of Christ above the altar in the Saint Jacob’s church! We had some doners for lunch (lamb sandwiches). They’re a Turkish specialty here in Germany. It was nice, because they came with a soda and were reasonably priced! After lunch we stopped by the Kathe Wolfhart store and amazed the girls with the amount of Christmas items for sale. There is so much shopping here that I didn’t buy anything. Ed and I had ‘barking dogs,” so we went back to the hotel and took a one hour nap. Since the stores close at 6 the girls felt they should shop while we slept. It worked out great for us, We joined them at 5 to be with them as they finished shopping. Crystal got a St. Peter smoker. He had the keys to the kingdom with him. Amanda got a crèche pyramid with a fan above it that spins when you light candles under it. Brittany didn’t feel the call to buy anything.

We got some ice cream and the girls went home to rest while Ed and I went for a little walk. We ended up bringing a couple of small pizzas back to the hotel for a snack. We’re going to get to bed on time tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to Dachau. I hear it’s depressing. I can’t imagine how it could be any more depressing than the Criminal Museum we visited today. It had so many examples of torture! I never knew what a thumb screw was, and I think I wish I didn’t know. I was very uncomfortable finding out the most efficient way to break every bone in a man’s body.

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