Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crystal's Call

Crystal got her mission call on Thursday! Here she is at the mail box showing off her letter. She wanted to steam it open (ala Aunt Barbara) and take a peak. She could hardly wait till 4:00 when Dad would get home. We had fun Skyping Brittany and Mom and Ed while Crystal opened her call. Poor Amanda had to wake up at midnight to get our live phone call of the mission letter opening. But, it made it feel like we were all there together. So, she's (drum roll) going to El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize! We're thrilled. Just like Brittany, who went to South Africa and Botswana, Crystal's get's two countries for the price of one! She goes to the MTC November 18th. That's a long time to wait. She could be fluent in Spanish by then.

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