Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Brittany, Amanda and I went to Annapolis today. I caought them making bunny ears behind George Washington! This was a room in the Capitol building where he (George) resigned his commision as commander of the Army.

We stopped for lunch at Pusser's, and had a table right on the ocean (Chesapeake Bay). Brittany and I had fish and chips. Amanda went cajun curry. It really really cleaned her clock!

It was fun to see the beautiful buildings at the Naval Academy. We had our picture taken in the foyer of Bancroft hall and were amazed that they midshipment get to live in such a beautiful, historic building.

 On the way home, Brittany dragged us into Uncle Bob's fudge Shop. It's hard for her to walk past a carmeled apple!


  1. Oh dare you two mock the great general like that! And to think, Brittany's recently seen "A More Perfect Union"!!!

  2. You're funny! Brittany has been talking about watching the movie with you and Grandma a lot. She actually liked it and meant no irreverence.

  3. In that case, all is forgiven. I'm sure Washington has a sense of humor :)